Cause of growth of business loans in Azerbaijan

17:19 - 27.09.2023

September 27, Fineko/ Business loans in Azerbaijan are increasing mainly due to micro and small businesses.

ABC.AZ reports that this is stated in CBA statistical data "On the distribution of the business portfolio by business entities".

Compared with the indicator at the end of July 2023, in August loans given to micro-entrepreneurs increased by AZN 89 million to AZN 2.296 billion, and to small entrepreneurs - by AZN 58.2 million to AZN 1.721 billion.

In August, loans to large businesses increased by AZN 3.4 million to AZN 5.311 billion, and loans to medium-sized businesses by AZN 48.5 million to AZN 2.49 billion.

In the structure of growth of business loans for totally AZN 199.1 million in August, 74% or AZN 147.2 million accounted for lending to micro and medium-sized businesses.

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