The review of 26 professional experts in the “UNEC Expert”


The next issue of the magazine “UNEC Expert” founded by the Azerbaijan State Economics University was published.

The current issue of the magazine has been focused on the research of 26 professional experts - economists of UNEC related to knowledge economy, social business, taxes and the international trade. In the “UNEC Expert” the readers will be able to get acquainted with the knowledge economy which forms the basis of the global information society, its materialization process, the future labor market, as well as, the ratings of countries in the knowledge economy. 

In the magazine the optimization of tax burden, the problems of formation of tax payment culture, the world experience in taxation, cryptoeconomics and tax amnesty has been widely analyzed and brought to the attention of the readers. At the same time, the sustainable development, the inclusive education, the support for the social business and the social business stratups have been reflected in the expert research. 

You can read the e-version of the “UNEC Expert” through this link.