Azerbaijan cooperates with leaders in field of renewable energy for construction of new power plants

12:28 - 29.09.2023

September 29, Fineko/ We cooperate with TotalEnergies and Nobel Energy on construction of solar power plants with total capacity of 650 MW and further export of generated electricity to Türkiye. Nobel Energy plans to put into operation a 100 MW solar power plant at the initial stage.

ABC.AZ reports that Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov stated about this at the III Azerbaijani-Turkish Energy Forum and the International Conference "Nakhchivan – Green Energy Zone" in Nakhchivan.

The minister stressed that at least 1,000 MW of renewable energy sources will be exported from Nakhchivan.

"In Nakhchivan, where there is potential for generating 5,000 MW of renewable energy, our strategic goal is to create approximately 1,500 MW of wind and solar energy production capacity at the expense of foreign investments. We have already started activities in this direction," the minister stressed.

He added that at the initial stage Masdar is also planning to build a 150MW solar power plant in Azerbaijan.

Czech Engineering is interested in cooperation in the construction of solar power plants, construction and use of energy transmissions on the border of Sadaryak district on the border with Türkiye.

German company Notus intends to implement green energy projects in Nakhchivan. At the initial stage, the construction of a 70 MW solar power plant in the northwest of Nakhchivan - near the border with Türkiye - is considered as a pilot project.

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