Price of Azerbaijani oil is $80.36 a barrel


July 10, Fineko/abc.az. The price of a barrel of Azerbaijani oil grade Azeri Light increased by $0.92 (1.16%).

Cost of a barrel of oil of Azeri Light brand is now $80.36 a barrel.

The lowest price of Azeri Light was fixed in December 2001 - $19.15 and highest price in July 2008 - $149.66.

At the New York Merchant Exchange (NYMEX) following the trading on 10 July the value of August’s futures of oil grade WTI, compared to last closing of trading (July 9 - $73.85 a barrel), grew by $0.26 (0.35%) up to $74.11 a barrel.

At the London ICE (InterContinental Exchange Futures) following the trading, the cost of September’s futures of oil grade of Brent crude, compared to last closing of trading (July 10 - $78.07 a barrel), increased by $0.79 (1.01%) up to $78.86 a barrel.

The price gap between Brent and WTI following trading on 10 July is $4.75 on a barrel.