The winners of Olympiad will receive the special scholarship of of UNEC


UNEC provides the opportunity for the winners of olympiad to get the special scholarships.

The winners of the International Olympiad and the Republican Subject Olympiads choosing the UNEC, since the new academic year will receive the special scholarship of 100 AZN within the semester. Along with the winners of Olympiads, the first year students, getting the education at UNEC enrolled in the university by receiving more than 600 points in the admission exams are awarded the special scholarship, as well. In addition, at the UNEC 15 students in each course are awarded the “second excellent grade scholarship” for the maximum number of grade points.

Note. According to the amendments made to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Education”, the winners of the International Olympiads will be eligible for any specialties, and the winners of the Republican Subject Olympiads, noncompetitively, will be admitted to the higher education institutions specializing in the subjects they had won.