Oil cargo transportation via Baku International Sea Trade Port increased by 1/3


July 11, Fineko/abc.az. The volume of cargo carriages in the Baku International Trade Sea Port was brought up to 2 million tons in the 1st half of the year.

The Port reports that 86% of cargo transportation accounts for transit and during the reporting period growth occurred mainly in container cargo transshipment.

 "So, 10,746 container carriages in 20-foot equivalent (TEU) were carried out for Jan-Jun of the year that is by 53% more versus the 2017 same term. The growth of passenger traffic made up 37% - 19,965 passengers, including 16,526 passengers (82.8%) who headed to Turkmenistan and 3,439 passengers (17.2%) who headed to Kazakhstan or back.

Carriages of wagons at the ferry terminal increased by 1% up to 21,960 units. The number of carriages by large-size transportation vehicles was brought up to 9,512.

"Transportation of crude oil and petroleum products from the oil terminal increased by 30% up to 280,000 tons in the 1st half of the year," the Port informed.