Baku Stock Exchange’s turnover increased 2.7-fold for past half of 2018


July 12, Fineko/ Total turnover of exchange transactions on all instruments on the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) in the 1st half of 2018 amounted to AZN 11.728 bn that is by 2.7-fold higher than for the 2017 same term.

The BSE reports that in the total volume of transactions on the BSE in the 1st half of 2018, AZN 4.849 bn (2.2-fold rise) accounted for the derivative transaction market, including currency deals for AZN 4.3 bn and goods deals for AZN 537.27 million.

AZN 6.006 bn (rise of 5.4%) accounted for total turnover on transactions with government securities. At that, volume of bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance reached AZN 465.2 million (a rise of 40.9%). The placement of Central Bank’s short-term notes in the primary market during the reporting period amounted to AZN 5.54 bn (rise of 7.1-fold).

AZN 68.557 million (fall of 9.5-fold) accounted for the share market in the BSE total turnover.

The share of debt instruments of the securities market in the total volume of transactions in the 1st half of 2018 made up AZN 336.97 million (fall of 8.9%). At the same time, the placement of Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund’s bodns in the primary market amounted to AZN 95.306 million, in the secondary market AZN 169.136 million. The placement of other corporate bonds in the primary market for Jan-Jun amounted to AZN 5 million and in the secondary market AZN 67.528 million.

The share of repo operations for the 1st half of 2018 in the total turnover of the BSE reached AZN 466.16 million (rise of 40.3%).