Food Safety Agency monitored cattle-slaughter points


July 12, Fineko/abc.az. The Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan (AQTA) has published the results of monitoring at cattle-slaughter points.

The act reports that since this May monitoring started in all economic entities involved in all stages of the food chain, as well as in the slaughter points.

The monitoring covers the study of the current situation on providing the population with healthy and safe food, and also includes educational work related to the centralized activity on meat cutting.

As a result of monitoring, along with the study of the situation in connection with the slaughter of cattle in the country, the AQTA employees determined daily meat consumption on districts of the country. The preliminary results of the study have shown that slaughter points meet veterinary and sanitary standards in Baku, Sumgait and Absheron district.

The monitoring is ongoing, and the list of slaughter points that meet the cattle butchering requirements will be regularly updated and brought to the attention of the public.


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