Boston Consulting Group drawn to 20-year Baku Master Plan


July 17, Fineko/ The State Committee on Urban Planning & Architecture of Azerbaijan has started preparing the Master Plan of Baku.

The Committee reports that the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the world’s three most reputable strategic consulting companies, has been invited for cooperation with the Committee in the Master Plan project in accord with international standards, as well as in the use of international best practices.

"The Committee together with BCG plans to organize the process of developing the Baku Master Plan in two stages. At primary stage a diagnosis of relevance and completeness of the already developed documents of urban planning and territorial planning of the capital will be carried out, first of all, the projects Of the "plan for the regional development of Greater Baku" and "The Plan for the use of the territory and zoning of Baku", and the Baku City Development Concept will be finalized with taking into account international practices and experience of various cities of the world. In particular, this work will take into account the priorities of the country's development, the need to improve infrastructure, the requirements for the development of priority sectors," the report said.

Also, at primary stage it will be given assessment of the need to clarify the legislation in terms of urban planning rules and regulations. Along with this, there will be studied the sectoral development plans of Baku prepared by the relevant governmental agencies to participate in the implementation of the Master Plan in the future, and work will be carried out on their integration and relevant clarifications. Following the work done at primary stage, the relevant project tasks and requirements will be prepared to attract highly qualified foreign and local organizations and experts in urban planning and architectural planning, monument protection, engineering communications, social infrastructure, environmental issues and other areas to finalize the Baku Master Plan.

"At the second stage the Committee together with BCG will finalize the Master Plan of the capital with involvement of reputable urban planning, architectural, engineering companies and experts on the basis of the requirements developed at the primary stage. In compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, after approval of the Baku City Master Plan with the relevant governmental bodies and holding its public discussions, the document will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet Ministers," the Committee informed.

According to the Town Planning Code, after the approval of the Baku Master Plan, it will be valid for 20 years.