“Bakcell” has been awarded with yet another “Socially Devoted” certificate


Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, has been awarded with a second in a row “Socially Devoted” certificate in the year 2017, based on the rate of responses to the customer questions in Facebook social network.

In the second and third quarters of the current year, Bakcell has demonstrated the highest (100%) result, in terms of responding to the customer inquiries on its official Facebook page.

Being represented in social media attaches a significant responsibility upon the brands, in terms of the quality of presented content, as well as providing timely and high-quality response to questions and comments of own customers and other users. Obtaining a high “Response Rate” margin is an indication of great effectiveness of online services, provided to customers by means of a page in social media.

Bakcell has been many times awarded with “Socially Devoted” certificates for high “Response Rate” performance and it should be noted that the company improves its results each and every time, thus reaching a 100% level over the past several years.

Social media are one of the most important communication means of Bakcell, in terms of more efficient delivery of information about products and services to the wide customer audience, as well as providing response to the customer questions. The company has official pages, functioning in most of the popular social networks.



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