To the attention of the applicants: discover the UNEC!


To introduce UNEC to applicants more closely and to support them in the selection of specialty the “Discover the UNEC” project has launched.

For this purpose, the doors of UNEC, the largest economy oriented university and the university conducting the education in 4 languages will be open to the applicants within the specialty selection days. Within the framework of the project the applicants will be able to get the detailed information about the specialties, faculties taught at UNEC, the admission score and tuition fees. At the same time, they will be supported in their specialty selection, the advantages of their specialty and future career opportunities.    

The applicants will be informed about the advantages they have been given by the UNEC, about the special scholarships, dual diploma programs with European universities and the Intra-university Dual Diploma Programs, as well.   They will also be able to get acquainted with the buildings and auditoriums of the specialty they want to study.

The applicants, living in the regions of Azerbaijan, who don’t have the opportunity to come to UNEC, can address the questions they are interested in at the official Facebook page of UNEC. At the same time, they can share their application on their facebook page with the hashtag #ask UNEC. For this purpose, the post they share the question should be open to everyone.

It should be noted that the UNEC conducted the students admission in the I, II, IV and V specialty groups on 20 specialties in Azerbaijani, English, Turkish and Russian languages.  

The detailed information: (+994012) 497-58-63

 You can see the promotional video of UNEC from here: