Azerbaijan begins fighting against fast food by method of slow food use promotion


August 31, Fineko/abc.az. Implementation of a 3-year project on improvement of the value chain in rural areas in the Greater Caucasus region of Azerbaijan begins in August on the initiative of organization Slow Food.

The State Tourism Agency informs that the project will be realized in cooperation with tour company PASHA Travel, in partnership with the Public Association for the Protection of Animals and the National Association of Rural Municipalities, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education and the State Tourism Agency.

"At primary stage it is planned to apply the Slow Food model on the territory of the Sheki, Gabala, Ismayilli and Gakh districts of Azerbaijan, where campaigns on consumption of local food products and international campaign on development of agriculture will be organized, participation of the Azerbaijani delegation in international events of Slow Food,” the Agency said.

The project will cover such issues as protection of material heritage and agro-biodiversity, increasing the value of local gastronomy, issues of development along with the potential of sustainable income of the population – tourism products.

Slow Food is a movement opposing to the fast food system that originated in Italy in 1986 and then spread to many other countries. Now - it is part of more comprehensive movement. At the heart of Slow Food is the creation of catering establishments that are not similar to fast food — providing healthier food, as well as preserving the traditions of national and regional cuisine, supporting the culture of traditional feasts.