Cases of sudden death are more common in persons suffering from snoring


September 4, Fineko/  According to statistics, every fifth man snores. And in women, this problem usually occurs after period of menopause.

What is the cause of snoring?

Snoring is formed when air mass passes through the narrowed for any cause respiratory channels. The parts of pharynx touch each other and tremble from the effects of air flow.

Factors that lead to snoring - excessive weight, curvature of the nasal septum, large size of tongue, sinusitis, enlargement of the tonsils of the roof of the mouth. Congenital causes include: narrowness of the nasal passages, long throat, and defects of the jaw. The tone of the pharynx muscles is also affected by the weakening of the thyroid gland, insomnia, fatigue, smoking, taking sedatives or alcohol. Age-related changes may be the cause as well.


You should not worry if snoring occurs only in connection with a cold, violation of nasal breathing. After cessation of signs of inflammation, complaints will also stop.

The person, snoring for a long time, is usually tired in the daytime as snoring person's brain does not rest fully. Snoring also has negative effect on the sleep of others and can even lead to serious conflicts.

The most serious complication of snoring is apnea, that is, stopping breathing in a dream. Apnea repeated several times during the night that reduces the body's oxygen supply. Duration of apnea is 10-20 seconds, and in some cases can reach up to one minute.  Studies show that people with apnea have a higher risk of night stroke and heart attack than others. Such persons also often have cases of sudden death in sleep, so apnea should be treated.