Energy Ministry discussed generation and consumption of electricity until 2030


September 12, Fineko/ The Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan discussed report "Electricity Generation & Consumption in Azerbaijan: Retrospective View, Analysis, Forecasts & Proposals".

The Ministry reports that the purpose of the report is to define electricity needs until 2030.

The report was prepared with assistance of local and foreign experts.

According to the report, it is proposed to modernize existing power plants and put into operation new generating capacities until 2030. In addition, power plants that have expired will be suspended.

The report includes the proposals for construction of stations with capacity of 1,000 MW.

"To increase generating capacity, it is planned to draw the private sector in the construction of new stations. The report includes proposals for construction of one or two stations with capacity of 1,000 MW on the Absheron Peninsula or the nearest areas, improvement of the infrastructure for electricity transmission, restoration of existing power units, the use of reserves to ensure stable energy supply to the subway," the report says.

Following the discussion, a decision was made to discuss the final version of the report with reps of other governmental agencies at the level of the joint workgroup.