E-Social portal of state social services to be available in two months


September 14, Fineko/abc.az. The creation of Internet portal E-Social of the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection will be completed in two months. The portal is created on the basis of the Presidential Decree from 5 September 2018 "On expansion of use of e-services in the field of labor, employment, social protection & social security".
E-Social portal will play an important role in providing online public services in the field of labor, employment, social protection and social security through a single platform. In general, Ministry’s all services will be presented on this portal in an automated form.
E-Social portal will become one of the main tools in the electronic infrastructure for activities of the DOST Agency (Sustainable & operational social security) and the DOST centers to be created under the Ministry by the Presidential Decree from 9 August 2018.

Keywords: E-Social