Information Security at BHOS is Specialty of the Year


September 17, Fineko/ This autumn, Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) has started to train information security specialists for the very first time, and it has become a Specialty of the Year in Azerbaijan.

According to the report of the State Examination Centre, which conducted the entrance exams to national higher educational institutions, the average passing score for prospective students who wanted to study Information Security at BHOS was 694 points. The minimal passing score was 685 points, and both scores became the highest ones in the country. There are 13 Presidential scholars among Information Security students and six of them earned 700 points at the entrance exams.

The curriculum of the new specialty has various subjects including, among others, Network Security, System Programming, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Database Security, Multiagent System Security, and Image and Speech Recognition.

Information Security is the second profession at BHOS, which becomes “Specialty of the Year”. In 2017, it was Process Automation Engineering taught at BHOS. The average passing score earned by the prospective students was 691 points.