Azercell to grant monthly stipend


September 19, Fineko/abc.az. Further development of education and professional and skilled human resources are of great importance for Azerbaijan which is focusing on the establishment of solid market relations as the economy gets stronger.

Taking this matter into account, “Azercell Telecom” LLC is giving next opportunity for students who aspire to become a professional in his/her field and succeed in a future career. Constantly supporting the human resource capacity building initiatives in the country, the company is pleased to announce the next round of Student Bursary Program. Starting from September 18th, Azercell invites all students who are confident in their knowledge and skills to benefit from this program. The students are required to apply online at the official webpage of the company (www.azercell.jobs) by October 18th, 2018. Those successfully passing all selection stages will receive a monthly stipend from the company until the end of their academic year. In addition to the monthly bursary, the talented students will also have a chance to enrich their knowledge about telecommunications, participate in Azercell’s corporate events and social activities, join a variety of trainings and undertake an internship at the company. The company has been conducting the bursary program welcomed by the students every academic year since 2008. Over the past years, more than 150 students from various universities in Azerbaijan have been named the honorary scholar of the company.