Purchase price of cotton in Azerbaijan rises by 50 manats


September 20, Fineko/abc.az. A meeting with heads of companies engaged in production and processing of cotton and with participation of senior officials of the Ministries of Agriculture and of Economy has been held with the purpose to encourage cotton-sowing farmers and improve their material well-being. This is the task set by the country’s president.
During the meeting the parties discussed the work done this year, progress of harvesting, the state of supply and processing of cotton, and solution of the set tasks. 
In order to encourage farmers engaged in cotton sowing and improve their material well-being, an agreement was reached to increase the purchase price of each ton of cotton by 50 manats, depending on its variety: 600-650 manats for 1st grade cotton of the harvest of 2018; 580-630 manats for 2nd grade cotton; 540-590 manats for 3rd grade cotton; 500-550 manats for 4th grade cotton. 
Farmers' earnings are expected to grow by over AZN 12 million as a result of an increase in the purchase price of each ton of cotton by 50 manats.
This is another manifestation of the care and attention shown by the head of state to farmers.