UNEC has launched the new academic year with high quality indicators


September 20, Fineko/abc.az.  The first Scientific Council of the new academic year was held at UNEC.

The rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov congratulated the members of the council on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year and wished them success in their work.  

Associate Professor, the Deputy Director of the Center for Assessment and Management of Teaching Quality, Sohrab Isayev made a report on the results of the summer session of the  2017/2018 academic year. S.Isayev noted that, the appeals on the results of the examinations were noticeably reduced and in general, the examination had been arranged more organized compared to previous periods. For the first time in the Council were held discussions on the summer semester. It was noted that, there is a need in the institution of the summer semester.  

The pro-rector on educational and training technologies, Professor Damat Bagirov made a report on preparations for the new academic year at UNEC, Derbend and Zagatala branches, the Financial and Economics College. It was noted that, in the new academic year, the Derbend branch of UNEC would train the specialists in the field of vocational education, along with the higher education, as well. Thus, UNEC became the first Azerbajani university conducting education outside the country in both directions.

The results of the admission exams for the 2018/2019-th academic year were also announced in the council. In the new academic year 92,1% of the admission plan for the bachelor’s degree level of study at the UNEC has been implemented. Drawing attention to the fact that, there was a significant progress in the number of applicants, scoring the highest points for admission to UNEC, the choice of 63% of those who had scored over 600 points in the II specialty group (one person on the I spacialty group) was exactly UNEC, which was increased by 3,8 times in comparison with 2014 year.  The results of the admission to the International Graduate and Doctorate Center for the 2018/2019-th academic year has been announced, as well. It was stated that, the admission plan for the higher education institutions of the country was fulfilled at 74.87 %, while the admission plan to International Graduate and Doctorate Center at UNEC was 91,4%, to Center for Master’s Degree level was  84,1 %, and 97% was implemented at UNEC Business Center.  

The members of the Council decided to reduce the amount of re-examination fees of the students getting education in Zagatala branch of UNEC from 25% to 10% in order to attract more applicants to Zagatala branch. In the Council, in order to increase the availability of Russian citizens to study at the Derbend branch of UNEC, has been approved the tuition fee in the mamount of  26,000 rubles.  

In the meeeting of the Scientific Council the “UNEC Values” were defined in order to achieve a worthy and proper fulfillment of the UNEC mission and transform its vision into reality. The “UNEC Values”, which incorporates high moral qualities, such as academic freedom, academic ethis, decency, transperancy, excellence, qualtity, participation, respect for diversity and community intersts have been unanimously adopted by the members of the Council.

In the Council has also been approved the amendments to the “Rules on the Differential Wage Sytem based on the assessment of the academic activity of academic-teaching staff at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Based on the changes made in accordance with the strategic targets of the UNEC in the direction of becoming the research university, the share of the scientific activities in the system has increased from 40% to 70%. The publication of articles in the authoritative magazines and monographs in the authoritative international publishing houses included into the “Web of Science” and “Scopus” platforms, scores given for references have been significantly increased, and the publications of scientific reports on “Scopus” basis has also been taken into consideration.    

Another change has been made to the “Rules on awarding UNEC staff whose research works were published in the authoritative scientific publications” for the 2018-2019-th academic year. Based on the new changes, there have been determined the rules for indicating the workplace of the authors publishing their research works. Based on the changes, the one-time award is envisaged for the scientific reports placed on the “Scopus” platform, and “Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4”  classification defined by “Web of Science” and “Scopus” platforms has been applied in the categorization of magazines.  

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