Beekeepers to get a 10 manat subsidy for each bee family


September 20, Fineko/abc.az. Starting from this year subsidies will be given to individuals and legal entities engaged in beekeeping in Azerbaijan. Beekeepers will receive a subsidy of 10 manats for each bee colony (hive), which they breed.

The Cabinet Ministers has already approved the Regulation on granting subsidies to individuals and legal entities engaged in beekeeping for each bee family (hive) they breed. The new rule was approved for the purpose of execution of Paragraph 2.1 of the Presidential Decree from 5 March 2018 "On stimulation of beekeeping in Azerbaijan".

For identification of bee families (hives) and giving of subsidies for each bee family (beehive) the bee farms should be registered in accord with requirements of the Beekeeping Farm Registration Rules.

The Agriculture Ministry will establish district (city) commissions in order to organize issuance of subsidies.

This decision is valid for 5 years, including 2018.

Until 30 April of each year beekeepers are required to submit the application, the ID (individuals), the copy of the taxpayer number (for legal entities and individuals who carry out business activity without creation of legal entity), data on the bank account to which the subsidy will be transferred, to district (city) commissions where a beekeeping farm is located.