The exam process is being improved at UNEC


September 25, Fineko/abc.az. In order to improve and organize the exam process in a controlled manner was made the decision to establish the Exam Center at UNEC.

The meeting with the rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov and the managers of  the relevant structures was held in order to get acquainted with the provisions of the Exam Center and further improvement of the directions of activity.

The rector noted that, there are a number of requirements related to the quality of education in the European countries and one of them is an operation of the independent examination center in the higher education institution.

Sohrab Isayev, the Deputy Director of the Training Quality Assurance and Management Center speaking about the directions of the activity of the Exam Center, touched upon such issues as the coordination of the exam process on the faculties, the preparation works before the exams, the operational decision of the appeals, the preparation of reports for the analysis and other important subtle aspects.

In the meeting was also given the information on a number of innovations that would be applied during the autumn session. It was noted that, starting from the 2018/2019-th academic year the “Accounting” and “Marketing” specialties would be taught based on the updated syllabus and the test database would be kept confidential. And in technical and technological specialties, as in other specialties, the exams in 3 specialties would be conducted in written form.

Following the speeches, the broad discussions were held on the establishment of the UNEC Exam Center, the offers were made and the mechanism of action for center was formed. At the end, the relevant regulations for governing the activities of the Examination Center was approved for the consideration by the Scientific Council.