Key players of air transport discussed business tourism future in Istanbul


September 25, Fineko/ Turkish Airlines in partnership with the Global Business Tourism Association (GBTA) has held the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Conference 2018 in Istanbul.

The Company reports that this conference is an annual international event within which key players of the industry discuss the future of business tourism.

"This year the conference was attended by more than 900 participants from 71 countries that are part of the global route network of Turkish Airlines.

"Building the Future" is the theme of the 2018 conference. This year's theme is important at three levels at once - for Turkey as a country, for Turkish Airlines as a national air carrier and for the tourism industry as a whole," TA informed.

According to Turkish Airlines, Turkey has undergone huge changes in the development of the economy and infrastructure in recent years. An example of this is Istanbul's new airport, an innovative facility that will open on 29 October 2018 and become the world's largest airport by 2023. The long-awaited opening of the new airport will allow Istanbul to become a "hub of peace" with passenger traffic of 200 million people a year upon completion of construction. The growth of Turkish Airlines has increased the demand for this world-class facility and will help the national air carrier achieve its goals - 120 million passengers annually and a fleet of 500 aircrafts by 2023.

"Given the economic success of our airline in recent years, 2018 is an important year for the future of Turkish Airlines in connection with the upcoming opening of a new airport in Istanbul this October. "The new house” of Turkish Airlines will enable to increase the capacity and expand the route network and will offer business travelers a well-established and innovative service and a great waiting room, which means further improvement of travel experiences," said Ilker Aiji, the Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines.