Azerbaijani cotton growers’ income to rise by AZN 12 million


October 1, Fineko/abc.az. Cotton has been sown in 22 districts of Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Agriculture informs that sowing was carried out on a plot of 132,581 hectares.

"Most of the cotton was sown in Saatli district (15,815 ha). Then follow Imishli (13,645 hectares), Sabirabad (13,055 ha), Bilasuvar (12,022 ha), Agjabadi (9,946 ha), Barda (9,630 hectares) and Beylagan (9,560 ha).

More than 9 hectares or 2/3 of all cultivated areas account for the above-listed districts," the MoA says.

The least cotton sowing was carried out in the Jalilabad (507 hectares) and Samukh (400 hectares) districts.

"As a result of rise in the cost of cotton acceptance by 50 manats, farmers will receive AZN 12 million additionally," the Ministry reported.