Russian Railways and Indian Railways intend to create a joint operator for carriages within North-South Corridor


October 5, Fineko/abc.az. Russian Railways (RR) will sign the Memorandum with Indian Railways on the establishment of a joint operator for organization of cargo transportation via the North-South Corridor.

RR’s first deputy general director Alexander Misharin told reporters that one of the important directions of cooperation between the two companies is carriages through this corridor.

"This year’s important direction is to organize transportation within the North-South Corridor and create a joint operator. We believe this is one of the most important projects that will allow increasing much the volume of transportation and transit of cargo through Russia from India to Europe and back," Misharin emphasized.

He pointed out that RR intends to sign today the Memorandum on cooperation with Indian Railways, which includes development and supply of control systems, automation systems, creation of a joint operator, study and drawing up of joint documents on cargo transportation.

North-South Transport Corridor is designed to transport goods from India and the Gulf States to Western and Northern Europe through the territories of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia, including by connecting the railway lines of these three countries. The main advantage of the corridor is reduction of cargo delivery time by two or three times.