Cost of a SOCAR bond reaches record level - $1,030


October 8, Fineko/ 10 days before the next interest payment, the value of SOCAR bonds increased sharply.

PSG Capital, the market maker of SOCAR bonds, reports that on 8 October in Baku Stock Exchange’s trade system the lowest selling price on SOCAR bonds is $1,030.10.

"This is the highest bond price recorded to date. The cause of a sharp increase in the price is approach of the next interest payment and increase in demand for the bond," the Company said.

According to PSG Capital, legal entities and individuals wishing to buy SOCAR bonds can buy them minimum for $1,030.10 from the secondary market. The term of SOCAR bonds issued for the domestic market in 2016 is 5 years, income is 5% per annum, and interests are paid every 3 months.

So far, seven interest payments on SOCAR bonds have been made. The next interest payment will be carried out on 17 October.

Among the main advantages of the bonds are: guarantee of purchase for the nominal price provided by SOCAR, high liquidity, convenience of operations and payment of interests in accord with pre-arranged schedule. Also, the SOCAR bond holders, having pledged their bonds, can take short-term and long-term loans without losing 5% per annum. SOCAR bonds can be purchased at ASAN Xidmət centers #1 and #5.