Prices of apartments in new high-rise houses of Baku unveiled


November 13, Fineko/ Prices apartments for new high-rise buildings in Baku range 660-5,000 manats a sq m.

A source on the housing market of the capital says that prices vary depending on the availability of repairs, certificate of domicile, and a district in which a house is located.

"The cheapest apartments (without repair) are offered in Surakhani and Khazar districts of Baku and in the city of Khirdalan and the most expensive ones in Sabail district, where a square meter of housing costs 5,000 manats, and if the apartment is with repairs then it costs by 150-200 a sq m more expensive," the source says.

According to the source, prices for new apartments with repairs and without certificate of domicile begin from 900 manats, and prices of apartments without repairs but with certificate of domicile from 800 manats a sq m. Prices for apartments with certificate of domicile, depending on the district of of location of the house, range 1,000-7,000 manats a sq m.