Professor of Pan-European University at UNEC


In the meeting between the head of the UNEC International Cooperation Department Anar Kazimov and professor A.Koraus were held talks on existing and future cooperation, were discussed the issues of development of common projects and programs, and the issues of conducting the common scientific researches with the UNEC teachers. Familiarizing with the organization of the UNEC infrastructure and teaching process, the guest expressed satisfaction and noted that there were many prospects for the joint cooperation.

Within the five-day visit, the professor delivered the lecture on the topic “The Security and fraud in the financial sector” and “Financial strategies and marketing in V4 (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia)” for International Economics School and SABAH groups at UNEC. In his speech the professor focused on the comparative perspective of the international banking, and indirectly a diverse concept of bilateral cooperation.

At the end, the professor A.Koraus listened the ideas of the audience, highly evaluated the knowledge and skills of UNEC students.