Azercell and High Technologies Park sign a cooperation memorandum


October 23, Fineko/abc.az. Azercell’s“Barama” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, distinguished for its successful projects towards the development of entrepreneurship and facilitation of business environment in our country, cooperates with a number of global organizations, agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations to improve the innovative environment. The Center has signed a memorandum with High Technologies Park operating under the Ministry of Communication and High Technologies with the view to contribute to the development of innovative economy, the establishment of a knowledge-based economy, support of intellectual business and improvement of competitiveness in the economy, particularlyICT sector.

The memorandum encompasses the experience exchange in scientific-technical and academic fields, organization of the training to improve qualifications of counterparts, and development of joint projects through cooperation towards scientific-technical innovations. Moreover, motivating young personnel and supporting startups for specialist preparation are among the main targets of the cooperation. The memorandum also entails expanding the integration of people and institutes of High Technologies sector in the field of education based on the best international standards, exploring the opportunities to establish laboratories, using the existing laboratories and personnel capacity jointly, and providing the students with resources and options in joint programs, such as internet access.

Notably, High Technologies Park was established upon the Presidential Decree dated November 5, 2012, to secure sustainable development and economic competitiveness, expand information and communication technologies fields based on modern knowledge and technological achievements, and carry out research and establish modern complex for the development of new technologies.

“Barama” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center started its operation in 2009 in Azerbaijan to foster business innovation and support the projects and startups in the field of information to build their businesses. The center is supported by PASHA Bank, one of the country's leading companies since 2015.

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