Export of Azerbaijan’s farm products increased 6.3 times


November 1, Fineko/abc.az. Growth of agricultural production in Azerbaijan in 2003-17 made up 166.4%.
The Agriculture Minister of Azerbaijan stated that sphere of crop production grew by 156.7% and livestock production by 177.8% over the reported past years. 

"For Jan-Sept 2018 alone growth of the agricultural sector made up 4.3%, including crop production by 5.8% and livestock breeding by 2.7%," the minister said. 
According to the minister, growth of the agricultural sector has also led to high export dynamics. 

"So, over the past 15 years, agricultural exports have increased by 6.3 times, including export of fruit and vegetables by 10.4 times, while for the first 8 months of this year export of vegetables grew by 8.4%, fruits by 32.5%, export of raw cotton by 2.2 times," Kerimov said.