The portrait art international competition announced in Azerbaijan


November 2, Fineko/abc.az. On October started the registration of the works of participants for the qualifying round of the portrait art international competition Portrait Now! 2019. The organization of the qualifying round Azerbaijan is hold by Carlsberg Azerbaijan, part of the Carlsberg Group in partnership with National Art Museum and State Academy of Art.

Portrait Now! 2019 is the 7th international competition named after brewer J.C. Jacobsen, who holds the Carlsberg Fund on the territory of the National Historical Museum in Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark). For the first time this portrait award was presented in 2007 in order to attract interest in art in general and in portrait as a genre in particular. Philosophy of the award: author creating the person’s image conveys his/her inner world.

Portrait Now! 2019 competition is held in several phases. For participants from Eastern European countries, it works as follows: first of all, until December 31, 2018, participants need to register their artworks on the website for the regional qualifying round of the contest www.portnownow2019.com.

Authors from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries in the region can take part in the qualifying round of Portrait Now! 2019 in Eastern Europe. After completion of registration, all artworks will be evaluated by the international jury of 8 highly qualified experts.

Experts will select 30 artworks by participants in the qualifying round of Portrait Now! 2019 competition in Eastern Europe that will be presented at the exhibition in the Museum and cultural complex of beer history "Lvivarnya" in Lviv. Among these artworks, the jury will identify those that will take part in the final phase of the competition and will be exhibited at the National Historical Museum in the Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark, along with the artworks of the winners of qualifying competitions from other regions of the world.

The Carlsberg Fund, Denmark, will host the final phase of the competition and select the winners who will receive 3 main and 3 additional categories of cash rewards from the Fund in the amounts from 10,000 up to 85,000 DKK. Rewards are described in detail at the following link https://portraitnow.org/.

Leading experts from 7 countries involved as members of the international jury of the Portrait Now! 2019 competition are: Christopher Baker, Director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland), Sun Xuguang, Director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum (Beijing, China), Wang Yi, Director of the Times Modern Art Museum (Beijing, China), Mikhail Ovchinnikov, First Deputy Director of the Faberge Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Ólöf Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Director of the Reykjavik Art Museum (Iceland), Henrik Wivel, art critic (Denmark), Lucy Dahlsen, curator of the National Portrait Gallery (London), Mette Skougaard, Director of the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark).

To support the talented Azerbaijani artists, Carlsberg Azerbaijan decided to establish its own eco-nomination From Waste to Art within the frame of the competition Portrait Now! 2019.

Artworks of Azerbaijani artists on topic of environmental liability and reducing the negative human impact on the environment can take part in the nomination - this can be reflected either in the plot or in the materials the artwork is made from (recycling of materials disposed of, the use of eco-materials, etc.).