Azerbaijan Railways expands use of modern ICT technologies


November 16, Fineko/abc.az. Business meeting on the theme "Railways & digitalization: how digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence will change the railway industry" has been held in Vienna.

Azerbaijani Railways (ADY) reports that the meeting was attended by ADY chair Javid Gurbanov.

"Gurbanov told about the work done to develop the railway transport system, which is one of the priority areas of the non-oil sector of the country. He noted that the use of modern information & communication technologies is one of the main priorities to improve the safety of transport and competitiveness of transport corridors through Azerbaijan," ADY said in a statement.

Gurbanov also raised the matter of Trans-Caspian international transport route, and such transport corridors as East-West, North-South, South-West and the role these corridors can play in transporting goods to Europe. He stressed that Azerbaijan, given its strategic location, is a reliable and serious partner for European countries.

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber’s vice-president Christoph Matznetter touched on similar realities of Azerbaijan and Austria and stressed the importance of the two countries in their respective regions. Stressing that Austria and the European Union should focus on the East in the near future, Mr. Matznetter noted that land routes passing through Azerbaijan and connecting Europe with the Chinese market could be of great importance in the implementation of cargo transportation in both directions.