Turkmen leader: Cooperation with Azerbaijan on Caspian Sea agenda is a key to effective trade and economic partnership


November 22, Fineko/abc.az. The presidents of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan made a statement to the press at the end of the ceremony of signing of bilateral documents.

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated that during the meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev they discussed state and prospects of bilateral relationships and defined specific directions of further cooperation between their countries. The sides also exchanged views on regional and international questions.

"Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan demonstrate coincidence or similarity of their positions on many matters of international and regional policy, and this is the key to successful cooperation of countries in the world arena. In this context, the practice of coordination of steps and mutual support in the UN and other authoritative international organizations will be continued. Countries will continue cooperating in the effective fight against modern global threats. Such partnership will be carried out both at the bilateral level and within the framework of international organizations," the head of state said.

He emphasized that mutual commitment to close cooperation in the Caspian Sea on the principles of good neighborliness, equality, mutual respect, taking into account the interests of all Caspian States was confirmed. It was stressed that cooperation of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan on all issues of the Caspian agenda is the key to effective, mutually beneficial trade and economic partnership, implementation of large infrastructure projects, ensuring environmental balance. The parties agreed to cooperate closely and coordinate efforts in the creation of transport and transit corridors along the East-West line through the territories of our countries. In this context, it was noted the importance of using two countries’ Caspian Sea port infrastructure – Turkmenbashi and Baku/Alat for establishment of road-ferry and rail-ferry services.

"During negotiations it was stressed consistent, interested and mutually beneficial nature of the trade and economic partnership between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and confirmed mutual readiness for its expansion and diversification. Among the priority areas were identified energy, transport and communications, agriculture, chemical and textile industry, construction, technology, services and a number of others.

The sides also focused on cooperation between the two states in cultural and humanitarian sphere. An agreement was reached on expansion of cooperation in the scientific and educational spheres, on the inter-university line. Great prospects of cooperation in the field of sports and tourism were mentioned. The conducted negotiations demonstrated the commitment of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to a multi-faceted dialogue that meets the fundamental interests of two countries’ peoples," Berdimukhamedov said.