Azerbaijan introduces six sub-categories of driving license


November 23, Fineko/abc.az. By Decision #493 the Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan has made the amendments to the Regulation on training courses for drivers and improvement of their qualification and to the Rules for taking exams for persons wishing to obtain driver's license entitling them to drive a transportation vehicle and issuing driver's license to them.

Under the decision, driving license subcategories A1, B1, C1, D1, C1E, D1E will enter into force from 1 January 2019

The driving license of category A, B and C, as well as sub-categories B1 and C1 will be given to persons who reached the age of 18 years, category B and sub-category C1E – age of 19 years, category CE – age of 21 years, category D and D1 – age of 23 years, sub-category D1E – age of 25 years.

You can find the conditions for obtaining new subcategories of driving license at link: https://cabmin.gov.az/az/document/3141/