Another announcement made on completion of 1st stage of Baku Master Plan


December 14, Fineko/ The State Committee on Urban Planning & Architecture has finished the first stage of the Baku master plan development.

The Committee reports that the 1st stage of the Draft Baku Master Plan was prepared with participation of Boston Consulting Group.

"The 1st stage has already been completed and a tender procedure has been announced for the beginning of the 2nd stage," the SCUPA informed.

Boston Consulting Group has analyzed the previously-made Plan of Greater Baku Regional Development and the Plan of Zoning & Use of the Baku Territories, in which shortcomings and inaccuracies were found out. At that, some of those documents could be used in the Master Plan.

Conditions for participation in the tender on the 2nd stage of the Master Plan making have been posted on SCUPA website and portal

Earlier, the Baku Master Plan (the Plan of Greater Baku Regional Development) was prepared as well as the Detailed Plan of Baku.

Those plans were made by the coordination group with the support of the World Bank. The draft plan was even agreed with relevant authorities and submitted to the Cabinet Ministers. But the Cabinet did not approve the plan then.