Finance Ministry has placed bonds for AZN 40 million manats


December 19, Fineko/ The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan sold state short-term bonds through the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE).

The BSE reports that the bond issue with ISIN-code AZ0104013682 for AZN 40 million and circulation term of 364 days was placed on 18 December.

The 9 investors submitted 16 orders for totally AZN 116.19 million. The orders were submitted in the price range from AZN 90.0000 for the bond (yield: 11.1723%) to AZN 93.1450 (7.4000%).

Under Ministry’s decision, the cut-off price was set at the level of AZN 92.8440 (yield: 7.7500%) and the weighted average price at AZN 92.9064 (7.6772%).

As a result, the bonds were placed for AZN 40 million. The maturity date of the bonds is 17 December 2019.