Azerbaijan’s Oil Fund sold currency almost for $6.5 bn


January 8, Fineko/ The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) keeps transparency of its foreign currency sales in the local market.

According to SOFAZ, it sold $677.1 million at currency auctions in December 2018 versus $654.1 million in November, $489.6 million in October, $394,8 million in September, $733.7 million in August, $536.6 million in July, $439 million in June, $422.7 million in May, $802.6 million in April, $647 million in March, $364.1 million in February, and $299.1 million in January of 2018.

For the past year SOFAZ sold foreign exchange currency for $6.460 bn at auctions.

In 2017 SOFAZ sold foreign currency for $3.597 bn.