SOCAR bonds occupy almost a quarter of Azerbaijan`s bond market


January 11, Fineko/ The first payment of interests on SOCAR bonds in 2019 will take place on 17 January.

SOCAR Capital reports that in order to ensure successful and timely payment of interests, it was transferred totally $1.25 million ($12.5 for each bond) to the account of the National Depository Center (NDC) in the Central Bank for the week.

"Interests on SOCAR bonds are paid every 3 months. It will be the ninth payment of interests on these bonds, bringing 5% annual income in dollars. Thus, the total income of bondholders will grow up to $11.25 million from the date of issue of these securities," the Company said.

Currently, in the secondary market the total volume of operations on SOCAR bonds with guarantee of repurchase at nominal price, high liquidity, simplified operations of purchase and sale and payment of interests on schedule exceeded $170 million. In 2018, more than 800 transactions took place as the most traded on the Baku Stock Exchange.

The share of SOCAR bonds in the country's total bond market for 2018 made up 24% and in the corporate bond market 87%.


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