AzerTelecom started cooperation with Azerbaijan Railways CJSC within the project "Azerbaijan Digital Hub"


January 21, Fineko/ The backbone internet provider AzerTelecom, which connects Azerbaijan to the international Internet network has launched the “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” (ADH) project, which will turn Azerbaijan into a Digital Hub in the region.

AzerTelecom, the subsidiary of the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan – Bakcell, and Azerbaijan Railways CJSC signed relevant documents on construction of sustainable backbone fibre-optic cable lines along the protection line of existing railways and the implementation of the project was started. Necessary investments were also made in this regard.

The construction of a fibre-optic backbone infrastructure along the railways will enable Azerbaijan to become Digital Hub of the region in the shortest possible time, along with the status of Transport and Energy Corridor. The project is also being implemented by AzerTelecom within the project of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC on transformation of the country into the Transport Hub.

The construction of backbone fibre-optic cable lines along the railways will strengthen the digital infrastructure of the country, will form a new sustainable infrastructure across the country, broadband fibre-optic cable ties with neighbouring states - Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran, and the intersection of these infrastructures in our country, and will give an important impetus to the development of the telecommunications sector.

Realization of the first phase of construction and putting into operation of backbone internet cable lines within the project is planned for this year. Implementation of this project will lead to the intersection of infrastructure of various international telecom operators in the North-South, East-West directions in our country. Implementation of the project will also contribute to the strengthening of infrastructure of Azerbaijan Railways, introduction of new technologies throughout the infrastructure and overall digitization. This, in turn, will contribute to the provision of more sustainable services to the population by Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.

The construction of backbone fibre-optic cable lines along the railways is one of the components of the Azerbaijan Digital Hub project, realized by AzerTelecom. Within the framework of the project "Azerbaijan Digital Hub", it is aimed to transform Azerbaijan into a regional centre in the future, covering the Caucasus, the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. The Digital Hub to be established will provide a population of 1.8 billion (around a quarter of the world's population) in the region with the various and more improved digital services.

As a result of the implementation of the "Azerbaijan Digital Hub" project, Azerbaijan's telecommunication ecosystem will be upgraded to the most advanced world standards and the country's dependence on foreign countries will be minimized, and in the future, Azerbaijan will become a central country in Internet sales in the region and will be transformed from the country that imports digital services to the one that produces and exports these services to neighbouring regions. Thus, Baku will be added to the world map along with London, Frankfurt, Sofia, Istanbul, Moscow, Amsterdam, and Dubai. The project will contribute to the creation of new jobs in Azerbaijan, to the currency inflow, digitization and development of the economy.

“AzerTelecom” LLC is a dynamically developing telecommunication operator of Azerbaijan. The company was established in 2008 and “Bakcell”, the first mobile operator of Azerbaijan is the main shareholder of “AzerTelecom”.  “AzerTelecom” has a diversified and sustainable fiber-optic cable network covering all major cities and regions of the country. The international network of “AzerTelecom” LLC is integrated into all major telecommunication hubs around the world. The company provides wholesale internet, leased line services, mobile backhaul, international transit, DDOS protection, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Data Center services, SIP telephony, and other telecommunication services.


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