Employers need to specify their requirements


January 25, Fineko/abc.az. Speaking at the conference, jointly organized by the National Confederation of Enterpreneures (Employers’) organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASK) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) on the topic ”Youth Employment: Employers’ views, challenges and perspectives”, the UNEC rector, proffesor Adalat Muradov drew attention to the repidly changing principles and emerging approaches in the modern labor market. He noted that, the unified mass demand in the IV industrial revolution was replaced by the individualized requirement and added that, the application of the most flexible technologies realizing it increased the demand for creative and innovative professionals.

The rector said that, the concept of career in the post-soviet society was changing its traditional essence, as well. So, at present the concept of career refers not to the fact that a worker served in a particular company for a lifetime, but rather reflected the enhancement of the professionalism of that employee.

The rector also noted that, the UNEC was reatining the responsibility for its graduates. Within the framework of the “UNEC2B” platform presented to the business world the university offers “maintenance services” during three years, when hiring the graduates of the university. Also, if the weaknesses of the senior UNEC students are found during a job interview, the UNEC will take over the elimination of those weaknesses until graduation. Besides, job.unec.edu.az portal had been created and this virtual labor market is the effective comminication link between students and employers.

The UNEC rector emphasized the relevance of distance education to respond flexibility and adequately to the needs of the labor market.  The most modern distance education infrastructure created at UNEC is fully capable to respond to any training needs of employers. So that, the employees can participae in distant training sessions provided at UNEC without leaving their place of employment and attend the classes delivered by involving the world-renowned experts.