Azerenergy launches repairs and restoration at modular power plants


January 28, Fineko/abc.az. Among the works fulfilled within the framework of the Rehabilitation Plan aimed at eliminating the crisis that appeared in the electric power system on 3 July 2018 are works at modular power plants. Repair and restoration work of engines at modular power plants ‘Sangachal’, ‘Khachmaz’, ‘Shahdag’, ‘Baku’, ‘Astara’ and ‘Sheki’ started a week ago. 

Before the overhaul the engines ran at low revs and intermittently. After the repairs they will operate close to the installed capacity and of longer duration. For example, if before repairs each of the engines at the Sangachal power plant worked with capacity of up to 14 MW, then after the repairs it is planned to increase their capacity to 16 MW. And at the power plants ‘Khachmaz’, ‘Shahdag’, ‘Baku’, ‘Astara’ and ‘Sheki’ the capacity of each engine will be increased from about 5.5 MW up to 8.1 MW.  As a result, more than 200 MW of lost power will be restored.

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