Azerbaijan establishes procedure and tariffs on compulsory and medical insurance


February 1, Fineko/ Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has approved the amendments to the Law on Health Insurance.

The services of compulsory health insurance (CHI) will be available for citizens of Azerbaijan, foreigners living on the permanent and temporary basis and persons without citizenship. The Law says about an insurance limit envisaging restriction of provision of medical services to the policyholder during the insurance year.

Under the amendments, the package of mandatory medical services will consist of the basic and additional parts. CHI basic services will include certain medical services with certain conditions. An additional part is rendering of specialized medical services.

The State Budget will allocate annually 29 manats to finance the CHI basic part for each citizen. The additional part of insurance will be formed due to insurance contributions in the amount of 4% of wages, 2% of which will account for the employee and 2% for the employer.

The State Budget will also cover CHI costs in the amount of 120 manats for persons under 18 years of age, receiving education and under 23 years of age, pensioners receiving targeted social assistance (TSA) and pregnant women. Cost of CHI services for entrepreneurs and individuals will also be 120 manats and this amount will be paid by them.

The amendments will enter into force on 1 January 2020.