Azerbaijan draws international experts to reform social system and increase pensions


February 6, Fineko/ The Ministry of Labour & Social Protection of Azerbaijan is developing a roadmap to continue reforming the pension system in the country.

According to the Ministry, the roadmap will cover a five-year period.

"The Ministry has already established a special workgroup with involvement of international experts, which is developing proposals for reforming the system," the Ministry said.

The MLSP reported that the reform program within the roadmap implies development of the pension system, expansion of the coverage of the system and increase of pensions, strengthening of the principles of social justice, including the continued increase of the minimum and average pensions within the framework of improving the pension system.

Currently, Azerbaijan is numbering 1.3 million pensioners, 58.3% of whom receive old-age pension, 30.1% disability pension and 11.6% pension on the loss of the head of the family. Last year, the average monthly pension was increased by 6.8%, including on age by 7.3%.