AzSigorta intends to expand a range of voluntary insurance services


February 8, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan insurance company AzSigorta has announced large-scale works on distribution and development of voluntary insurance services among the population and commercial entities.

Anar Talibov, the chairman of board of the company, stated that compulsory types of insurance in Azerbaijan are more developed than voluntary ones, and one of the main causes of such a tendence is presence of sanctions on compulsory types.

"Currently, larger part of AzSigorta’s portfolio is formed by compulsory types of insurance, and they account for 60% of all contracts. But we intend to change this ratio, by developing voluntary types of insurance, bringing to consumers the information that we can provide more guaranteed financial stability, taking into account the fact that the mandatory types of insurance cover all possible risks," Talibov said.

According to the AzSigorta representative, the range of voluntary types of insurance will be expanded after studying the demand of potential customers.


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