GDP per capita in Azerbaijan is AZN 5,806


November 22, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Oct Azerbaijan’s organizations, enterprises and private entrepreneurs carried out GDP for AZN 56.48 bn.

The State Statistics Committee reports that GDP decreased by 0.7% versus  the same term of 2016.

"At that, added value of nonoil production for the reporting period increased by 2.1% and oil production decreased by 6%. The share of the nonoil sector in country’s GDP amounted to 62.7%. GDP per capita is AZN 5,806.7,” the Committee informed.

The Committee reports that for Jan-Oct of the year the country's entrepreneurs produced industrial output for AZN 32 bn that is by 4.6% less than for Jan-Oct 2016. 70% of the industrial sector accounted for the extractive industry, 24.8% - processing industry, 4.4% - sphere of production, distribution and supply of electricity, manufacture of gas and steam, 0.8% - water supply, management and recycling.

"Oil production dropped by 7.2%, the commodity gas production by 2.6%. Manufacture of nonoil products increased by 3.4% and oil production decreased by 5.9%. Most of the manufactured products delivered to consumers and as of 1 November 2017 the industrial enterprises’ warehouses stored ready-made industrial goods for AZN 576.9 million,” the SSC said.