Azerbaijan is no longer actual for tourists from Persian Gulf


February 25, Fineko/abc.az. The country was visited by citizens of 143 countries in January 2019.

The State Statistics Committee reports that in January 191,600 foreigners and stateless persons arrived in the country that is by 2.9% more versus January 2018.

"Of them, 29.4% came from Russia, 29.1% from Georgia, 11.2% from Turkey, 5.4% from Iran, 4.5% from UAE, 1.7% from Ukraine, 1.3% from Iraq, 17.3% from other countries, while 0.1% of visitors are citizens without citizenship," the Committee said.

The largest increase in the flow of tourists was observed in January among visitors from Egypt (4.5 times), Pakistan (2 times), Turkmenistan (1.7 times), India (1.4 times), China (26.5%), Georgia (21.9%), and South Korea (15.2%).

"At the same time, the number of visitors from the Gulf countries decreased by 13.3% or 28,500 people compared with the same term of last year. The rate of visitors from European countries increased by 0.9% or 5,800 people, and the flow from the CIS countries decreased by 0.2% or 67,200 people," the SSC said in a statement.