UNEC graduates living abroad to get status UNEC Brand Ambassador


March 12, Fineko/abc.az. The UNEC Scientific Council has approved new rules for further enhancement of internationalization, stimulation of students' scientific activities, as well as new rules for writing and evaluation of master dissertations.

In order to maintain ties with foreign alumni, to ensure permanent representation abroad and to increase the number of foreign students, UNEC's selected alumni living abroad will be granted the status of “UNEC BrandAmbassador”.

The next step towards increasing the share of foreign students in UNEC and stimulating them is the establishment of scholarships for foreign students and masters at the expense of the university. From the beginning of the new academic year, foreign students and undergraduates who have entered UNEC will be awarded “An honours student”, “Encouraging” and “Ordinary” scholarships according to their results of exam session.

UNEC has adopted new rules envisaging the stimulation of scientific activities of students. So as, the rules of giving royalties of 4000 manat for articles published in authoritative and high-impact scientific journals, will also apply to bachelors, masters and doctoral students of the university.

Salaries of UNEC teachers who conduct research in the world's prestigious universities for one year will be calculated based on new rules. These salaries will be fully repaid during the course of their research.


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