Easement: how is limited use of someone else property carried out?


March 14, Fineko/abc.az. Easement is a document confirming the transfer of property owned by the owner to another person, subject to the performance or failure to perform certain actions. The easement may not be an independent object of sale or lease. 
The implementation of the service requires a letter of recommendation, a document confirming the payment of service and payment of the state fee, including an identity document, a notarized contract of easement, an application.

This service is rendered within 3 working days. It is required a service charge in the amount of 20 manats and state duty in the amount of 20 manats.
Cancellation of the easement is also carried out within 3 working days, while a service fee of 20 manats and a state fee of 10 manats are required. Payment is carried out through bank, terminals or online.

To perform these operations, citizens can contact the Real State Service, the territorial offices of the State Real Estate Register under the Committee, as well as perform operations electronically.