Bakcell and INNOLAND held the first blockchain hackathon in Azerbaijan


March 15, Fineko/ Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and the Fastest Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan,  INNOLAND Incubation and Acceleration Center, together with Waves Platform held the “Blockchain integration hackathon” for the first time in the country.

The first hackathon in Azerbaijan dedicated to the blockchain technology integration allowed local startups and developers to get closely acquainted with the blockchain technology and understand how to use this technology in their projects. During the hackathon session the participants were required to perform tasks using the Waves Platform, being a global decentralized blockchain platform which focuses on custom blockchain tokens operations.

A total of 4 teams (13 participants) out of more than 52 applicants have taken part in the event. As a result, two teams, being the “MatBots” and “Office Guys” have become the winners by submitting the most successful solutions for the tasks.

The winning prize (500 wave tokens) was fairly divided between the winners, and both teams will be able to apply for the Waves’ grant.

After the hackathon session, the COO of Waves Platform Dmitriy Suhamerov provided his advice and recommendations to the participants and promised to provide technical and marketing to the winning teams, provided that they continue their successful activities.

It should be reminded that Bakcell and INNOLAND have recently signed a cooperation agreement which contributes largely to development of the country’s entire startup ecosystem and bears great significance in terms of establishing a startup culture in Azerbaijan, developing a spirit of innovative entrepreneurship, supporting existing initiatives, creating conditions for the application of innovative initiatives in the current economic processes of the country, forming a motivating factor for the development and creation of various discoveries and other innovations.

Being a known leader in innovation, Bakcell constantly supports the local startups, as well as other projects implemented in the area of education, science and technology.