New rules for connection to power supply networks introduced


March 18, Fineko/ The Electronic Appeal Control System (EACS) of Azerbaijan’s electric supplier company Azerishig has been improved with the purpose to increase the number of electronic applications, and as a result the contacts of citizens with public servants have been brought to minimum. One of the most important features of the EACS is that it can be integrated with both electronic systems and digital systems. The entrepreneur enters his/her personal account under e-signature or ASAN-signature through the e-government portal. When you enter your TIN or FIN data, the data is automatically saved.  

During the presentation of the new rules of connection to the power supply networks, it was also noted that now the entrepreneur will apply to the public authorities only twice: the first time he will apply to the houses or centers of SMEs and will make a connection fee, and then within the first 10 days, as a result of integration with public authorities, without any participation of the entrepreneur, the Technical Council will take appropriate measures in connection with the development of technical specifications, project documents.