400 more cars to be given this year to war invalids and persons equated to them


March 18, Fineko/abc.az. This year the Ministry of Labour & Social Protection will give up to 600 cars to war invalids and persons equated to them. The figure is 3-fold more (180 cars) than the stipulated number.
Currently, 997 citizens with disabilities are waiting for their turn to purchase cars at the expense of the State Budget, and this year more than 600 such persons will be provided with cars.
It should be noted that last year 626 apartments were given to the families of martyrs and disabled people of the Karabakh war, that is by three times more than the stipulated number. A total of 6,654 apartments have been given to date. At least 800 apartments will be provided to citizens of this category in 2019 on the task of the country’s head of state.